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General Listening Quiz

“Trivia Game Show”

Level: Topic: Speakers: Length:
difficult trivia man and woman 01:55

Pre-Listening Exercise

What kinds of game shows do you have in your country? What types of questions do the game show hosts ask? What prizes are awarded to the winners?


gray matter” = your intelligence or brain
Contestants really have to use their gray matter to answer those tough questions.”

on the ball” = thinking quickly and intelligently
If you not on the ball, you won’t be able to win the game.”

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

Post-Listening Exercise

Think about the types of questions in the conversation. Then, think of five other trivia questions you want other students to answer. Use the Internet or other reference books to help you. These questions could be on anything including history, music, science, literature, sports, or current events.

Online Investigation

Trivia board games and similar TV shows can be a fun way to test your knowledge of world events and facts. There are also such online trivia games that can challenge you as well. Use the Internet to find such an online, try it out, and report your experience to a partner. What were the positive and negative aspects of the game?

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