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IMPORTANT: If you can’t access my site, start with THIS PAGE. It addresses the most common issues that generally have to do with problems on your end.

I appreciate your messages with comments or suggestions about my listening lab. Since I receive hundreds of messages on the same topics, please check my Frequently-Asked-Questions page before you write me:

You will find the answers to these questions, with the very brief answers below:

  • Why and when did you create this site? >> I wanted to create listening activities because I saw there were very few online listening materials when I started back in 1998

  • Why can’t I hear the audio? >> Please try the site on a different device at a different location at a different time. Often, the problem isn’t my site, but some connection issue between your device and the server over thousands of miles apart.

  • How can people learn English better? >> Wow. So many ideas, but learning is a combination of exposure to the language, good study skills, and a natural ability to learn.

  • Can I download your audio and video files? >> The media files are for online use only unless you want to buy them for your special projects. Contact me.

  • Do you accept invitations to present at schools, organizations, and conferences? >> Absolutely. I enjoy meeting new people (teachers and students) from around the world.

  • Can I advertise my school, Web site, or product on your site? >> I often do this. Contact me for details.

Now, if you have read my Frequently-Asked-Questions page  and still cannot find the answer you’re looking for, you can contact me using any of the methods below. Please be very specific if you have a question or suggestion so I can help you, particularly if you have a comment about a specific page on one of my sites. Your ideas and thoughts are important to me, and I try to respond to every message if possible. Again reviewing the Frequently-Asked-Questions beforehand can help save time.

There are several ways to contact me:

  1. Send me a private message through Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.
  2. Try running in the mountains in Utah on a weekend. We might run into each other.

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