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Our Team


The People

Over the years, many voices have participated in creating this Web site. Here are some of these important people (besides Randall), and I point to one example where each of their voices appears on the site.

Shirley Davis

Shirley, my wife, has been my greatest supporter since the beginning of the site in 1997. After putting her teaching career on hold over 30 years ago to raise her own children, she decided to return to the classroom and now teaches children with cognitive disabilities and behavioral issues at an elementary school.

Her personal interests include running, playing the organ, gardening, cooking, and spending time with our grandchildren.

Aubrey Davis

My oldest daughter, Aubrey, started doing recordings with me since the start. She has a degree in accounting and is a technical specialist for an online company. She is a real animal lover with two dogs and a cat.

Joshua Davis

Joshua, our oldest son, was always interested in computers, especially Apple products, Pixar movies, and the outdoors. He was involved in some of the earliest recordings on the site. Josh passed away in 2012. You can read more about his life at his Web site,

Emily Davis Thorpe

Emily has a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and runs her own company (Thorp Ceramics) that specializes in exquisite hand-crafted dinnerware, vases, and other ceramic art pieces for home decor. She loves cats and, she and her husband are the parents two children.

Michael Davis

Michael is our youngest, and he loves music, singing, travel, and learning languages. He has a degree in psychology, with a focus on social work.

Jeff Davis

My brother, Jeff, has helped me with some of the funniest conversations on my site. 

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