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General Listening Quiz

“Towing Service”

Level: Topic: Speakers: Length:
Advanced towing services man – woman 01:47

Pre-Listening Exercise

What are some situations in which a vehicle is towed away in your area?


bail out” = assist someone out of a difficult, often financial, situation
If your car is towed away, don’t expect me to bail you out.”

be in a jam” = be in a difficult situation
We were in a real jam yesterday when our car was towed away, and we had to get home without a ride.”

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

Post-Listening Exercise

What are the most common traffic violations in your country and what are the penalties in each case? Do you think that there are more or fewer traffic problems in your country than any other country you have visited?

Online Investigation

Every country has pride in its reputation, but it can be said that the driving habits of people around the world vary quite a bit. Use the Internet to find statistics or other data that tries to identify the worst driving conditions (and drivers) around the world. Keep in mind that people’s stories about traveling overseas are sometimes not as credible as statistics or other data.

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