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7 Benefits Of Vacuum Sealing Food

A vacuum food sealer seems like one of those kitchen gadgets you don’t really need. It takes up space on a countertop, and who has time to vacuum pack all their food?

Well, it turns out, you do. Or at least, you should. Vacuum packing takes only a few seconds, and can be used to extend the life of your weekly groceries for months.

Whether you are single, and use it to portion your meals to stay healthy and save money, or you have a busy family life.

And are looking for ways to cut down on takeout and pre-packaged food without losing out on convenience, a vacuum food sealer has many uses and benefits.

7 Benefits Of Vacuum Sealing Food

1. Keeps food fresher longer

Food frozen in a vacuum sealed bag sucks all the oxygen out of a bag. Bacteria needs oxygen to grow and spread. In a vacuum sealed bag, meats can last 3 time as long as in a regular freezer bag.

Vegetables can last up to five times as long, without the spread of bacteria. That helps you keep your family safe. You will no longer have to guess whether something is still good Not to mention, it will save plenty of money in the long run.

You’ll spend less on food if you throw less away, and you can keep what you do buy for much longer, without risking your health.

*Note: Always be sure to wash any food you vacuum seal before popping it in the bag. Also follow instructions with regards to the plastic used by whichever vacuum sealer you choose. Cheaper bags may fail to seal properly, or may cause leaks later on.


2. Saves you time

Most people are aware that cooking big batches of food is quicker and easier than making many small meals throughout the day.

Vacuum sealing isn’t just the best way to store frozen food, it’s the best way to store prepared foods. Like with frozen uncooked foods, frozen prepared foods last 3-5 times longer in a vacuum sealed bag than in regular freezer bags.

As a bonus, because they’re vacuum sealed, it’s easier to store them safely and efficiently. They take less space in a fridge or freezer, and will not spill or leak.

store frozen food

Great for meals on the go, without all the preservatives that usually go with prepackaged food!


3. Saves you money

You may be hesitant to spend the money on a vacuum sealing system for your family, but it can save you money in many ways.

First, of course, there’s the money you save by throwing away less food, since you will extend the life of your produce, veg, and even breads and snacks.

Having a vacuum sealer also makes portioning easier, which again, leads to less waste. Cooking in batches also leads to less takeout, and less money spent on pre-prepared foods.

After all, if you can eat just as conveniently, and a lot healthier, by preparing meals yourself, and then sealing and freezing them for a later date.

4. No more freezer burn

Freezer burn doesn’t actually harm you. But it can leave your food bland, tasteless, and stringy. It happens when food stored in a freezer (sometimes a fridge) is exposed to moisture.

In the cold conditions, the moisture crystallizes and forms ice. Vacuum sealing your food before putting it in the freezer leaves no room for air pockets, which drastically cuts down on the amount of ice formed in the bag.

No air, means no moisture, means no freezer burn. Which means your food keeps its texture and flavor much longer.


5. It’s not just about the freezer!

When you think about vacuum sealed food, it’s easy to see the benefits of storing food for your freezer or fridge. Like we’ve already talked about, vacuum sealed bags take up less space in a storage freezer, and they are one way to make sure your food stays fresher longer.

But a vacuum sealed bag can also be used to keep potato chips, pretzels, and other snacks fresher for longer. It’s easy to reseal open bags of chips, and other snacks.

Just ensure you only seal the bags, rather than using the vacuum, or you might accidentally crush your snacks!


6. Get healthy with prepacked smoothies, soups, sauces, and more

It can be hard to safely store liquid food in a freezer. You always run the risk of freezer burn or spillage, in a freezer, and the spread of bacteria in a fridge.

But by freezing your liquids ahead of time, you can place them in a vacuum seal bag, and seal, to store safely in a freezer, no freezer burn, no spillage.

healthy with prepacked smoothies

Pre-made sauces and soups often have a lot of sodium and other preservatives that can raise your cholesterol. This way, you’ll never have to wonder how healthy your soup is.

You can also vacuum seal fruit, or even create and freeze a smoothie mix ahead of time, for delicious fresh smoothies on the go, no matter what the season.


7. Portion Control

Another way vacuum sealed food helps you and your family stay healthy is through portion control. You can easily measure out portions, cook them ahead of time, or simply vacuum seal them as the portions you want.

Less food waste, and it helps you keep track of exactly how much you’re eating. This is especially helpful for those of you who live alone, and want all the time-saving benefits of cooking in large batches and freezing later.



At first glance, a vacuum food sealer may seem like an expense the average kitchen doesn’t need. But a vacuum sealer pays for itself after only a few trips to the grocery store.

It cuts down on food waste, keeps your food fresher, and healthier longer, and helps you with everything from portion control to cooking more at home.

This keeps not only your groceries, but you and your family, healthier in the long term.


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